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Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

The reading I've been doing recently about climate change and eco-living has made me hyper-aware of the ridiculous amount of plastic-wrapped produce in Seoul's grocery stores and supermarkets. While it may be aesthetically pleasing and useful for maintaining a certain level of freshness for vegetables like leafy greens, it adds bulk to my modest grocery… Continue reading Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea

Last year I was able to witness the beginning of a promising startup in Seoul called Slowbox Inc. that ships baskets of organic, ethically-grown produce to consumers who are looking for alternatives to that pretty-in-plastic supermarket life. Per a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, they source their products from small, family farms that city-dwellers would… Continue reading Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea

Ewha Level 5

I wrote a review for Ewha's Level 5 last year and neglected to post it then, so I'm posting it now for the general public! Huzzah!   In each chapter of the Level 5 textbook, there are three grammar points, between 70-90 new vocabulary words, one dialogue, a reading passage, writing exercise and a discussion/debate… Continue reading Ewha Level 5

Ewha Level 4 Wrap-Up

As I said before, Level 4 is much more balanced and effective than Ewha's Level 3. The workload is much more manageable, so students can not only commit vocabulary and grammar stuctures to memory, but also have the time during class to practice them. The new segments such as class discussions and presentations allow students… Continue reading Ewha Level 4 Wrap-Up