About Me

Hi, I’m Carmen! I was born and raised in Alabama and received a BA in Linguistics from Yale. During undergrad, I studied abroad in both Japan and South Korea for a total of one year, and after graduating I returned to South Korea to study Korean intensively at Ewha Woman’s University.

The Carmen Sutra was originally a blog to share my study abroad adventures with family, friends, professors, and classmates. Now that I currently live and work in Seoul, it has evolved into an informative travel blog for those who wish to continue or start a veggie-friendly, eco-friendly lifestyle in South Korea and Japan. And I have no doubt it will continue to evolve as I travel to different parts of the world and get more wacky ideas.

I hope you’ll find this blog to be useful and entertaining. One day I want to become the cool auntie who inspires you to eat well, travel mindfully far and wide, and grow your compassion with every new person and new culture you encounter. I’m in the midst of learning these things now, and I make progress every week. Follow the blog to join me on the journey!

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