Your One-stop Guide to Vegan Bingsu in Seoul

Now that we've established my borderline pathetic dedication to Korea's bingsu, we can get to the good stuff. Oh yeah baby, the vegan bingsu guide is FINALLY here! For the newcomers who still think that bingsu is literally just shaved ice and are baffled by the need for a vegan version, let me catch you… Continue reading Your One-stop Guide to Vegan Bingsu in Seoul

6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)

If Italy has gelato and France has sorbet, Korea has bingsu. (via The Korea Herald) It's not just shaved ice anymore. It's sweet red beans, coffee, fruit and nuts, cookies and cake, whipped cream, a dessert medley on a powdery cloud of finely shaved ice. It's expression. It's art. It's bonding. It's culture. Summer season… Continue reading 6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)