Your Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping at Mangwon Market 망원시장

Almost every newcomer to Seoul has Namdaemun market or Gwangjang market on their "must-see" list. When I first got here I also thought that these would be the best places to go if I wanted to have the most authentic traditional Korean market experience. They're both massive gatherings of stalls selling everything from popular street… Continue reading Your Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping at Mangwon Market 망원시장

Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

The reading I've been doing recently about climate change and eco-living has made me hyper-aware of the ridiculous amount of plastic-wrapped produce in Seoul's grocery stores and supermarkets. While it may be aesthetically pleasing and useful for maintaining a certain level of freshness for vegetables like leafy greens, it adds bulk to my modest grocery… Continue reading Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea

Last year I was able to witness the beginning of a promising startup in Seoul called Slowbox Inc. that ships baskets of organic, ethically-grown produce to consumers who are looking for alternatives to that pretty-in-plastic supermarket life. Per a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, they source their products from small, family farms that city-dwellers would… Continue reading Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea