Tips for Surviving Summer in Seoul

Happy Summer, y'all! This is my third summer in South Korea and I'm definitely more prepared for it this year than I was in years prior. Born and raised in the deep South, I thought I could handle sweltering temperatures and humidity without a hitch, but I had to learn some new tricks to keep… Continue reading Tips for Surviving Summer in Seoul


The Surprising Health Benefits of Korean Melon 참외

It's almost impossible to believe this palm-sized fruit is a melon. At first glance, it looks like something tropical, something that catches your eye from afar at a street market in Taiwan because its color is blindingly bright, like a skinned and scored pineapple, and when dozens of them sit wrapped and piled high in… Continue reading The Surprising Health Benefits of Korean Melon 참외

Where to Find Dairy-free Lattes in Seoul

The sudden summer-like weather in Seoul has me craving more cold drinks. Teas. Smoothies. Iced caramel macchiatos.  Iced matcha lattes. Getting my latte fix can be tricky because most cafes in Seoul exclusively use cow's milk. The good news is, there are some cafes that offer alternative milk options, and their numbers are steadily growing.… Continue reading Where to Find Dairy-free Lattes in Seoul