Your One-stop Guide to Vegan Bingsu in Seoul

Now that we've established my borderline pathetic dedication to Korea's bingsu, we can get to the good stuff. Oh yeah baby, the vegan bingsu guide is FINALLY here! For the newcomers who still think that bingsu is literally just shaved ice and are baffled by the need for a vegan version, let me catch you… Continue reading Your One-stop Guide to Vegan Bingsu in Seoul

6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)

If Italy has gelato and France has sorbet, Korea has bingsu. (via The Korea Herald) It's not just shaved ice anymore. It's sweet red beans, coffee, fruit and nuts, cookies and cake, whipped cream, a dessert medley on a powdery cloud of finely shaved ice. It's expression. It's art. It's bonding. It's culture. Summer season… Continue reading 6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)

I Tried Trazy’s Bingsu Recommendations So You Don’t Have To (Part 1)

Before I went plant-based last year, I was an absolute bingsu fiend; I was eating it two or three times a week, scarfing down portions meant for several by myself, dedicating an entire Facebook photo album to my favorites, and even dreaming about hilly landscapes of bingsu in every color, flavor, and size. [Bingsu] is… Continue reading I Tried Trazy’s Bingsu Recommendations So You Don’t Have To (Part 1)

Okrumong 옥루몽 and Sobok 소복

According to this article on Trazy, Okrumong is one of the best places for traditional bingsu in Seoul. But this page is a bit outdated, as the Sangsu location as listed on the website no longer exists (according to Kakao Maps.) But don't worry, this traditional cafe has several locations around Seoul including Dongdaemun (DDP),… Continue reading Okrumong 옥루몽 and Sobok 소복

The Great Bingsu Review [Fall 2017]

If you're new to the Carmen Sutra, you may not know that I love bingsu, which (according to Wikipedia) is a "popular Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans." According to me, bingsu is a bowl of heavenly goodness. Even since coming to… Continue reading The Great Bingsu Review [Fall 2017]

The Great Bingsu Review [August]

It is with a very heavy heart that I post my last bingsu review (for this year at least). I had a lot of fantastic bingsu this month, because I know how to pick 'em now! Here's the final round, Round 3! 6.5/10 This is a Royal Milk Tea Bingsu from a famous bingsu place… Continue reading The Great Bingsu Review [August]

The Great Bingsu Review [July]

Welcome to The Great Bingsu Review (Round 2) in which I rate the bingsu I had in July from worst to best. 5.5/10 When I saw the advertisement for this marshmallow bingsu at Cafe Blog near Ewha, I knew I had to try it. I've grown from the mischievous child who ate marshmallow fluff straight… Continue reading The Great Bingsu Review [July]