Confessions of an Ex-bingsu Addict

"Sulbing girl goes vegan? Is she nuts?" Or: how I traded my love of Korea's favorite dessert for an even greater Love.

6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)

If Italy has gelato and France has sorbet, Korea has bingsu. (via The Korea Herald) It's not just shaved ice anymore. It's sweet red beans, coffee, fruit and nuts, cookies and cake, whipped cream, a dessert medley on a powdery cloud of finely shaved ice. It's expression. It's art. It's bonding. It's culture. Summer season… Continue reading 6 MUST TRY Bingsu Cafes (other than Sulbing)

I Tried Trazy’s Bingsu Recommendations So You Don’t Have To (Part 1)

Before I went plant-based last year, I was an absolute bingsu fiend; I was eating it two or three times a week, scarfing down portions meant for several by myself, dedicating an entire Facebook photo album to my favorites, and even dreaming about hilly landscapes of bingsu in every color, flavor, and size. [Bingsu] is… Continue reading I Tried Trazy’s Bingsu Recommendations So You Don’t Have To (Part 1)

Tips for Surviving Summer in Seoul

Happy Summer, y'all! This is my third summer in South Korea and I'm definitely more prepared for it this year than I was in years prior. Born and raised in the deep South, I thought I could handle sweltering temperatures and humidity without a hitch, but I had to learn some new tricks to keep… Continue reading Tips for Surviving Summer in Seoul

Your Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping at Mangwon Market 망원시장

Almost every newcomer to Seoul has Namdaemun market or Gwangjang market on their "must-see" list. When I first got here I also thought that these would be the best places to go if I wanted to have the most authentic traditional Korean market experience. They're both massive gatherings of stalls selling everything from popular street… Continue reading Your Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping at Mangwon Market 망원시장

Eating My Way Through Seoul’s Vegan Festival

Seoul's 6th annual vegan festival was held this past Saturday, May 18th at Seoul Innovation Park near Bulgwang Station. I've been in Seoul for two years, but this was my first time in attendance. Because I was still flirting with a plant-based diet in 2018, the festival didn't seem as appealing as a free concert… Continue reading Eating My Way Through Seoul’s Vegan Festival

A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

When asked if I'm a coffee person or a tea person, I'll usually say both, but the contents of my cupboard tell a different story. I only have two coffee blends (one of which is herbal "coffee") but at least ten kinds of tea, including but not limited to: Yogi's honey and lavender tea, blueberry… Continue reading A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

15 Vegan-Friendly Cafes in Seoul

In Going Vegetarian in South Korea, I discussed some of the difficulties I've faced since adopting a plant-based vegetarian diet abroad. Another unfortunate result of my decision was losing out on Korea's famed cafe culture, as many of the hippest, most unique cafes in Seoul exclusively use cow's milk in their beverages. So, while my… Continue reading 15 Vegan-Friendly Cafes in Seoul

Ewha Level 4 Wrap-Up

As I said before, Level 4 is much more balanced and effective than Ewha's Level 3. The workload is much more manageable, so students can not only commit vocabulary and grammar stuctures to memory, but also have the time during class to practice them. The new segments such as class discussions and presentations allow students… Continue reading Ewha Level 4 Wrap-Up