A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

When asked if I'm a coffee person or a tea person, I'll usually say both, but the contents of my cupboard tell a different story. I only have two coffee blends (one of which is herbal "coffee") but at least ten kinds of tea, including but not limited to: Yogi's honey and lavender tea, blueberry… Continue reading A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

Mountainberry Chia Seed Jam (산딸기치아씨드잼)

Raspberry jam is my favorite thing to spread on toast, hands down. While you can find buy a ton of imported and exotic jams in Korea, I can't deny that there's a special sense of accomplishment that comes from standing over the stove yourself with a wooden spoon in hand, watching a berry medley simmer… Continue reading Mountainberry Chia Seed Jam (산딸기치아씨드잼)

15 Vegan-Friendly Cafes in Seoul

In Going Vegetarian in South Korea, I discussed some of the difficulties I've faced since adopting a plant-based vegetarian diet abroad. Another unfortunate result of my decision was losing out on Korea's famed cafe culture, as many of the hippest, most unique cafes in Seoul exclusively use cow's milk in their beverages. So, while my… Continue reading 15 Vegan-Friendly Cafes in Seoul

Seoul’s Zero-Waste Pop-up Shop, Wasteupso (쓰레기없어)

Seoul is always changing, but I'm excited to be here as it begins its latest transition into a more eco-friendly city. As of April 1st, Korea banned single use plastic bags in supermarkets (CNN article here); new vegan restaurants seem to pop up overnight; popular restaurants are adding vegetarian options; and more cafes exclusively offer metal… Continue reading Seoul’s Zero-Waste Pop-up Shop, Wasteupso (쓰레기없어)

Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

The reading I've been doing recently about climate change and eco-living has made me hyper-aware of the ridiculous amount of plastic-wrapped produce in Seoul's grocery stores and supermarkets. While it may be aesthetically pleasing and useful for maintaining a certain level of freshness for vegetables like leafy greens, it adds bulk to my modest grocery… Continue reading Zero-Waste Shopping at The Picker

Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea

Last year I was able to witness the beginning of a promising startup in Seoul called Slowbox Inc. that ships baskets of organic, ethically-grown produce to consumers who are looking for alternatives to that pretty-in-plastic supermarket life. Per a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, they source their products from small, family farms that city-dwellers would… Continue reading Slowbox: Supporting Small Family Farms in Korea


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