Ewha Level 5

I wrote a review for Ewha's Level 5 last year and neglected to post it then, so I'm posting it now for the general public! Huzzah!   In each chapter of the Level 5 textbook, there are three grammar points, between 70-90 new vocabulary words, one dialogue, a reading passage, writing exercise and a discussion/debate… Continue reading Ewha Level 5

Quick Post-Midterm Update

I was worried a bit about midterms because the tests tend to be much harder than review packets or anything you do in class, but I think I’m getting better and better at figuring out how these tests work and how to better prepare. This time, however, the reading portion had a new type of… Continue reading Quick Post-Midterm Update

Ewha Level 3

Finals didn't go as well as I had hoped, but they went. I was particularly worried about the writing and speaking portions this time, so I focused on sharpening those skills for the final. Long story short, these extra preparations did pay off, but at the cost of my other test scores being a bit… Continue reading Ewha Level 3

For Whom the Midterm Tolls

I knew we were learning a lot at Ewha, but I didn't know exactly how much we had learned until I was faced with about 800 vocabulary words and 34 grammar points to review for the midterm. Now, I could've done better by simply studying bit by bit over the one week break (for 추석)… Continue reading For Whom the Midterm Tolls

Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Level 3 학생

If you recall, last time I studied in Korea, I was in Level 2 at Sogang. As much as I loved the conversation-focused instruction at that school (read my semester report here) I wanted more balanced instruction this time-- listening, speaking, writing, reading, with vocabulary quizzes and cultural excursions, the whole nine yards.  The language school… Continue reading Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Level 3 학생

All Aboard the Housing Struggle Bus

Finding suitable (student) housing anywhere already comes with its own drama, but it's compounded if you're searching in a foreign country. If you come to South Korea to study Korean for the first time, chances are you don't know anything past the basics, and usually, the basics don't include questions like, "Are all utilities included?… Continue reading All Aboard the Housing Struggle Bus