Eating My Way Through Seoul’s Vegan Festival

Seoul's 6th annual vegan festival was held this past Saturday, May 18th at Seoul Innovation Park near Bulgwang Station. I've been in Seoul for two years, but this was my first time in attendance. Because I was still flirting with a plant-based diet in 2018, the festival didn't seem as appealing as a free concert… Continue reading Eating My Way Through Seoul’s Vegan Festival

A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

When asked if I'm a coffee person or a tea person, I'll usually say both, but the contents of my cupboard tell a different story. I only have two coffee blends (one of which is herbal "coffee") but at least ten kinds of tea, including but not limited to: Yogi's honey and lavender tea, blueberry… Continue reading A Tea Party at Kew & Leaves

Seoul’s Zero-Waste Pop-up Shop, Wasteupso (쓰레기없어)

Seoul is always changing, but I'm excited to be here as it begins its latest transition into a more eco-friendly city. As of April 1st, Korea banned single use plastic bags in supermarkets (CNN article here); new vegan restaurants seem to pop up overnight; popular restaurants are adding vegetarian options; and more cafes exclusively offer metal… Continue reading Seoul’s Zero-Waste Pop-up Shop, Wasteupso (쓰레기없어)