30 Things I Love Right Now [July]

(1) Bingsoooooo  (2) Injeolmi bingsu  (3) condensed milk  (4) appeasing my sweet tooth in two languages: 연유. 練乳.  (5) Lim Kim’s album Simple Mind   (6) Never thought I’d say this but: nutella  (7) with saltine crackers  (8) self-control—never straight from the jar  (9) 매실차. Plum Tea.  (10) poetry  (11) Hymn for the Black Terrific  (12) an email from my favorite poet  (13) KP  (14) Reading KP  (15) with a Sade jazz mix playing in the background  (16) free skin  (17) losing the desire for makeup  (18) which necessitates Korean skin products  (19) specifically Black Sugar Serum and masks  (20) Japanese vending machines  (21) my superior sense of direction  (22) but also asking for directions  (23) Kyoto’s Buddhist temples  (24) 永観堂. Eikando  (25) 三十三間堂. Sanjusangendo  (26) incense  (27) 7-11  (28) fancy toilets  (29) coming back to Korea  (30) having a family to come back to in Korea


30 Things I Love Right Now [June]

(1) My hour long commute to school: Practically empty bus. Good music. My thoughts going by like scenery. Does that make sense? Probably not. (2) Bingsu. Which is the same as Bingsoo, but the second one you can shout from the rooftops.  (3) Zion T (4) Especially listening to Zion T at the Han River, with my host sister and her cousin. (5) Being able to pick out a Lim Kim song over the bustle of a crowded restaurant.  (6) Hongdae hipsters with man-buns. The fact that you can recognize hipsters in any culture tickles me. (7) Rain (not the Lim Kim song….okay yes, also the Lim Kim song.) (8) My bedroom window. A common symbol for escape, for dreaming. You know, it’s a very teenager-y thing. I’ve always wanted to daydream while looking out a bedroom window, but the one in my childhood bedroom had been nailed shut. (9) Blue lemonade (10) Coffee shops in Seoul. Every one is different and charming. You never feel guilty for staying long. (11) $2 coffee (12) lip tint and gloss. Yes, I too have fallen victim to the lip tint trend. (13) Washing my hands (14) with liquid soap. The bar soap on a stick in subway station restrooms makes me nervous, and quite frankly, a little embarrassed. (15) Successfully ordering at restaurants (16) Seeing the dirt build up on the side of the tub and then swirl down the drain. A sign of a day well spent? (17) my Korean teacher’s voice.  (18) Understanding my classmates’ Japanese (blessing and a curse) (19) Not having to wait in line at the restroom (20) Public restrooms where you can flush the tissue (21) Remakes. Yes, FFVII. You heard about that right? Of course you did. (22) The convenience store before going home; the people who work there know me now. (Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…and what you usually eat for breakfast.) (23) People with tattoos  (24) on the wrist. A girl with a black cat tattoo on the inside of her wrist got on my bus one day and had to hold the handrail above her. That’s when I spotted the tattoo. She also had a lovely wrist; I kind of felt like I was intruding. (25) not remembering when I fell asleep.  (26) The Peach Sake face mask from Skinfood. Burns. Burns my complexion to glass. (27) Diamond Dave by bird and the bee (28) The purple gorilla named Violet from Animal Crossing. She keeps it real, sweetie. (29) random free wifi (30) the word 사거리 (sageori) which I loved long before I knew what it meant. (Intersection. specifically, a 4-way one)