30 Things I Love Right Now [July]

(1) Bingsoooooo  (2) Injeolmi bingsu  (3) condensed milk  (4) appeasing my sweet tooth in two languages: 연유. 練乳.  (5) Lim Kim’s album Simple Mind   (6) Never thought I’d say this but: nutella  (7) with saltine crackers  (8) self-control—never straight from the jar  (9) 매실차. Plum Tea.  (10) poetry  (11) Hymn for the Black Terrific  (12) an email from my favorite poet  (13) KP  (14) Reading KP  (15) with a Sade jazz mix playing in the background  (16) free skin  (17) losing the desire for makeup  (18) which necessitates Korean skin products  (19) specifically Black Sugar Serum and masks  (20) Japanese vending machines  (21) my superior sense of direction  (22) but also asking for directions  (23) Kyoto’s Buddhist temples  (24) 永観堂. Eikando  (25) 三十三間堂. Sanjusangendo  (26) incense  (27) 7-11  (28) fancy toilets  (29) coming back to Korea  (30) having a family to come back to in Korea


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